Tuesday, April 28, 2015


My favorite expansion of SM North EDSA is The Block, specifically its third floor. It is there where you can do your personal shopping while bonding with your family in the process (somehow) because of the selection of stores and their close proximity to each other. Watsons is there for all mom's beauty needs. Fullybooked for dad's reads. Astroplus for Justin Bieber's latest album for your belieber sister. And Toy Kingdom for all things action figures and Nintendo-related stuff. But the ultimate shopping/bonding experience with your family would be at the recently opened Concepts by Giordano Group.

There's something for practically everybody in the family! Even your superhero fan of a little brother (Read: AVENGERS)!

I was able to visit Giordano's first of its kind, one-stop-store block (at The Block!) before my trip to Boracay the other weekend. I got these gray shirt and white shorts
HYPE on Lookbook.nu
and this drawstring jogger pants.
HYPE on Lookbook.nu
Photos by Maxlee Merida
Location: Shnagri-La Boracay
Talk about perfect timing, no?


And the big countdown begins!

It's just 5 more days before the most anticipated boxing fight of the century! Excited yet? Well, let me help elevate that excitement with these five (5) Did You Knows about the #SugodManny campaign.
  • Did you know that you could get a chance to win Manny Pacquiao-signed merchandise when you join the #SugodManny movement?
Just post a photo or video of your knockout move and tag two friends as a challenge. Don't forget the hashtag!
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  • Did you know that you can download the exclusive #SugodManny stickers for FREE through Viber's Sticker Market? Yes you can with #SmartFreeInternet! Get 30MB free when you subscribe to top Smart prepaid promos. Free Viber, anyone?
Visit http://smart.com.ph/prepaid/freeinternet to know more!
"Manny's upcoming fight with Mayweather on May 3 (Philippine time) is one of the biggest draws in boxing history and we want Viber to unite the Filipino community in sending good vibes to support Manny's bid for glory. We hope to fill everyone with a sense of pride in Manny as one of our greatest Filipino boxers with Smart's #SugodManny Sticker Pack on Viber," says Viber Philippines Country Manager, Crystal Lee.
For more information & fight updates, follow Smart on Viber Public Chats at www.viber.com/smart & on social media: facebook.com/viberph, twitter.com/viberph, and instagram.com/viberph. Follow the hashtag #SmartViber
  • Did you know that even you're not in Las Vegas, you can still get a Front Seat view of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight? Just download the Viewstream app and watch the fight LIVE and ad-free on your phone or tablet for only Php999! #ViewstreamPacMay
Learn more: http://smart.com.ph/viewstream
  • Did you know that even before his fight with Mayweather, Manny had a little face off with another Manny? Watch both MVPs as they talk about the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight among other things via live video call.

Follow the story online with #SugodManny and let us all support and pray for the people's champ victory this May 2, 2015. Sugod Manny!

Monday, April 27, 2015


That's how you pronounce Sebago. Now you know.

Anyway, meet my feet's new bae.
Sebago Docksides Grey Nub (Yellow Green Sole) Php5,500
  • Handsewn Blucher Moccasin Construction
  • Unlined, Full Grain, Nubuck or Waxy Pull-Up Leather Uppers
  • Functional Leather Rawhide Laces to be Tied for a Custom Fit
  • Leather Socklining
  • Littleway Stitched Sebago Docksides Boat Sole with Slip-resistant, Non-marking Solid Rubber
Before I start making memories with my new pair of Sebago Docksides, here's a little Lookbook.nu throwback with my first ever pair of boat shoes.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


This might sound weird (but true) but there are actually two seasons we are currently celebrating right now in the Philippines. One is summer. And the other, the mid season sale!

Fans of Topman, River Island and Burton, it's RSSI Mid Season Sale once again! Woohoo!

Sales can get a tad too overwhelming (believe me when I tell you that I can't function well when overwhelmed) especially with all those rows and shelves of items screaming "50% off!," "70% off!," "Further Reductions!" all in unison that's why I came up with these three tips to consider when doing the fun ordeal of swimming through all the retail goodness that are RSSI's.


It's just less than a week before we hit the all-time summer high event in the country! (You know I'm talking about labor day in Boracay, right?)

So what's your plan? Mine's not concrete yet but I would love to go and discourage myself personally to not go anymore in the future. You know, just to tick it off on my things-to-experience list.

I'm at my initial phase of preparation and that is... choosing what to wear. Or why wear anything? It's Boracay after all. I kid, of course.

So, I have this crazy plan in going all out Lito Atienza for my 3 days / 2 nights trip.
High Sierra Bag
VANS trucker cap
Penshoppe shirt
ZARA t-shirt
UNIQLO linen shorts
Penshoppe shorts
Stance socks
High Sierra backpack
And I'm just gonna pack everything that I need in my High Sierra bag.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Closeup Forever Summer is just three weeks away! Got your tickets already? Yes? Good. Now let's talk about how you can enjoy this year's much-awaited day of youthful revelry by one of the most-loved brands in the country, Closeup.

Disclaimer: These suggestions came from the pit of my once youthful mind. I hope you agree with me or if not, did things change much from how I party back in my days? Hmm...

Monday, April 20, 2015


We're halfway done with summer here in our country and so far mine's been an enjoyable and eventful one. How about you? Will I being seeing you (just online) in Boracay this Labor Day? I just got back from there yesterday so the possibility of me going back is highly unlikely (it's gonna be my first time if ever). It's just a few short weeks away! So what have you been doing in preparation for it?

Mine was simple.